If you didn’t know, Here’s a bit about us.

BAHAMAS UNITED INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION INCORPORATED is a community service based Non- Profit organization. We focus on empowering families economically, socially, mentally, self- sufficiency and help during times of crisis. Feeding the homeless and unfortunate families, and providing educational scholarships are some of our interests.

Popular Causes

Let's help Children achieve their Dreams.

When you give to Bahamas United Incorporated, 100% goes straight to our mission, changing the lives of millions of children right here in the Bahamas and around the world.

  • $50 – can provide 25 face masks to protect health workers on the front lines of COVID-19
  • $150 – can keep 100 children from going hungry during a pandemic
  • $300 – can buy 60 hygiene kits so families in crisis can stay clean and safe

Bahamas United International Foundation Incorporated has charity activities that are taken place in the Bahamas and around the world. Let's contribute.

We can't do this on our own, we need your SUPPORT

Sponsor our Drug Addiction Treatment Project

Let’s help these people be treated and regain that control. Donate to this cause. Let’s cure addiction together!!!

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We’ve funded charity projects for the people around the world.

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We can’t do this alone we need your help!